Thursday, December 19, 2013

How to Raise a Litter of Husky Puppies

Provide your husky mom with puppy food and water and support her in any way she needs while she is nursing the puppies. For the first two weeks of a puppy’s life, the puppy is deaf and blind and basically relies on its mother for everything. As an owner, you can pick the puppy up once or twice a day for a few seconds so that it is exposed to contact other than her mother’s. However, if the mother becomes protective of the puppy, put it back down. Arrange a space for your husky puppies and the mother to stay. There should be areas in which to eat, sleep and eliminate that are separate from each other. Furthermore, the potty area should be a little ways away from the sleeping and eating spots, as most dogs and puppies do not like to eliminate in their eating and sleeping areas. Interact and socialize with the husky puppies on a regular basis when they are 3 weeks old. Puppies begin to explore their world by walking around at this time and are now able to see and hear. Hold your puppy for a few minutes each day and even take it into another room with you for a little while. Feed your huskies puppy mush when they are 3 weeks old. The mush should be made with a high-quality puppy food and should be given a few times a day. The puppies can be given puppy food as soon as they develop teeth and are able to chew the kibble. Begin training your husky puppies when they are about 5 weeks old. Huskies are highly intelligent and generally easy to train, however, they can be stubborn. You can start telling the puppy “no” when it does inappropriate things, such as biting you or chewing on forbidden objects. The building blocks you set up now will help to establish a husky who is confident, social and likes to be around other people and dogs. Brush your husky and rub its paws. Huskies have thick coats that required daily brushing, without it they run the risk of developing mats. In addition, a husky’s nails should be cut once a month and familiarizing your puppy with having her feet touched early on should make the nail-cutting process much easier. Allow your husky puppies to play and run around. Huskies are active breeds that require daily exercise. Let them run around as much as they like. The puppies will start panting and breathing heavily when tired out. Expose the puppies to different textures, sounds, environments, people, animals and toys to help them develop their social skills. A husky puppy that isn’t socialized tends to turn into an aggressive or skittish adult. Most huskies do fine with kids, but since they can become quite skittish and nervous, it is important to expose them when they are young to get them comfortable with children. In addition, now is the time to introduce husky puppies to other animals, such as cats. Administer worming medication to your husky puppies. Consult your veterinarian as to which type to give and at what times.

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