Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wildlife Photographer and Wolf Expert

Tanja Askani was born an animal lover and shared that love with her father as she grew up in Czechoslovakia. Her father taught her how to care for abandoned and sick animals and together they would find new homes for them. Animals were always a big part of her home life. It was from these beginnings that she also developed a love of photographing animals also, both domestic and wildlife.

In 1990 she became a falconer at Wildpark Luneburger Heide and eventually was put in charge of several wolf packs at the park. She was involved with raising the wolves also. In the spring of 2010, Tanja was involved in flying to Canada and picking up several wolf pups to bring back to Europe. This was the culmination of the long fought for "Fresh Wolf Blood" project. A beautiful female wolf pup that she named Naaja ended up going back to Germany with Tanja.

Tanja is also a very dedicated and talented photographer, author and public speaker. Animals are the subject matter of course with wolves being her favorite. She also photographs other wildlife and domestic animals too. Her belief that supports her work is the total acceptance of the animals for who they really are void of any moral or romantic prejudices. And of course the natural affinity and love of animals that she was born with can be seen throughout everything she does.

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