Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dogs doing Yoga

As talented as Poodles are, both of these positions are anatomically impossible for dogs to assume.
These are photos for a clever 2010 Yoga Dogs calendar using popular dog breeds and computer wizardry, created by Dan and Alejandra Borris, a couple from Texas. The dogs get as close as dogs can to the yoga positions and Photoshop does the rest. Dan explains:
“There is no forcing the animal to do anything. We will get the dog in a general position but each dog that I photograph is well looked after.” Relying on his wife Alejandra's skills with man's best friend, Dan gets her to hold and coax the dogs into certain positions.
“Alejandra is a former yoga teacher and works with animals for a living,” says Dan. “She works with the dogs while I am setting up lights and she gets them as close as she can to the poses.
Alejandra is photoshopped out of the pictures and more touches are added.
The story and more Yoga Dogs.

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