Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pomsky Puppy- the Newest & Cutest Pooch In the World

What is a Pomsky?

Designer dog breeds like the labradoodle have been popular for the last few years. The newest designer breed is called the Pomsky, and is a cross between Pomeranians and Siberian huskies.

Currently, more and more people have been falling love with Pomsky. Like their Pomeranian parents, they tend to be fluffy, cuddly dogs; however, because they are crossbreeds, you can’t tell from the puppy just how large the dog will become. They do tend to be small more often than large, and are sized more towards the Pomeranian parent than the husky.

Where to find pomsky puppies for sale?

Pomsky puppies are extremely popular among new dog owners, and because of their extreme demand it can often be hard to find a puppy for sale. But do not worry about it, here we are. We Pomsky Lovers Club have researched and selected almost the whole internet finally we have found a dozen of pomsky breeder info and put them into a list. Due to the security issue of their privacy, they require us could send it via private email rather than publish them on public. However, the only thing you need to do is join Pomsky Lovers Club which you can find on your right-hand (Important: you MUST promise that you will not spread it without permission). Then you will receive a list with all the breeder info selected by us as soon as you confirmed your free subscription.

Pomsky Sizes and Appearance

There are a lot of people online claiming to sell Pomskies that will weigh 5lbs fully grown. Avoid these, as they are conning you. In general, the smallest fully grown Pomsky will weigh around 15lbs. If you want to know how much a Pomsky puppy will weigh, add the weight of both dogs and divide by two. If one parent is a 40lb husky, and the other is a 10lb pound Pomeranian, adding these and dividing gives you 25lbs. The puppies may range from 20 to 30lbs but will be around 25lbs in average.

Pomsky puppies have their husky parent’s soft, beautiful coat and come in the husky mixed colors of white, black and grey. Their coats are soft, silky and long. They have narrow, fox-like faces and pert ears, all of which add up to one of the most beautiful dogs you will ever see.

Pomsky Natures

The Pomsky puppies are great natured. Huskies are fabulous dogs, with gentle and playful natures. They are very loving. Pomeranians are proud, lively and keen to earn. They have a quiet and loving nature. A Pomsky combines the best traits of both breeds. They are gentle and calm, quick learners and love to play. Pomsky puppies get on well with children, and are usually quiet dogs.

Because Pomsky puppies are so highly intelligent, they need to be played with regularly. A bored or depressed dog will often act up by chewing furniture or so on. Their high level of intelligence means they are easy to potty train, and to train to other commands. They are very loyal, and love to be cuddled. Pomskies make great family pets. A Pomsky puppy makes a great therapy dog, and they respond well to people with autism. They also make excellent guard dogs, and will alert you to someone approaching the door long before the person arrives. They have strong, loud barks that are not annoying.

Things to be aware of

One thing to be aware of is that Pomskies shed a lot of hair. Twice a year they enter a shedding period which lasts 90 days, so in other words they spend half of every year shedding their coats, and because their coats are so thick and long what seems like an enormous amount of hair can be shed from such a small dog. Another thing to be aware of is that Pomskies love to dig. If you don’t want your Pomsky digging up your garden, you’ll need to train it out of this.

If you find another Pomsky breeder, and they tell you that they do Pomsky to Pomsky breeding, ask how many generations down the line they are. Pomsky to Pomsky breeding should not happen until quite a few generations in, as there is a chance of a throwback puppy. A throwback puppy could be husky sized and the birth could easily kill its Pomsky mother.

The Pomski breed

Unfortunately, doesn’t recognize Pomsky as a breed. This is because Pomskies are not an actual breed of dog. They are a hybrid. To be recognized as a new breed, the new breed must be descended from three separate breeds of dog. The hybrid is the first step. After the hybrid is successful, a third breed is introduced, and thirty years after this the new dog will be recognized as an all new breed.

Pomsky-Wallpaper-PhotosHow much is a pomsky?

A Pomsky puppy will cost you between $2350 and $2800, including shipping, and you can order them online from either Arizona Pomskies or Coastal Pomskies. Both of these are actually the same site, but since they recently changed their name, a google search for either will bring you to their website.

Another good website is the Pomsky Club of America. They have a list of breeders, including one in the UK.

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